Falster Farm-Mini Cattle Ranch

"Ranchers of Pure Bred Cattle in Miniature"


Better than Grocery Store Beef
Falster Farm adds Mini Cattle Gourmet Beef . . . Karl Falster

Mini Cattle Breeder Farmer NancyNow days, most everone hears about "Organic." But in 1970, it was a weird concept that I ventured out on, but I am ever thankful to the Lord that I did. Thanks to Nancy's research into Nourishing Traditions cooking my health today is proof of the power of a proper all natural diet. The lynch pin in it that is properly reared and prepared animal protein (beef, pork and chicken), not just any beef, but beef that was raised low stress, non-chemical, excellent grass, and clovers that is clean and fit to eat.

On Falster Farm you will find a full orbed Bio Dynamic and Organic farming practice. These Preperations are used to offer Falster Gourmet Pasture Raised, Clover Finished beef as well as live cattle (mini Hereford and Mini Jersey.)

Falster offers rare if not a unique delight for the appetite and health conscious. "Beef just doesn't get any tastier than Clover Finished. Everything that happens to our mini cattle has a cumulative effect - weaning - collecting - yard work - forage selection - how far they have to walk to water - the way they are loaded and trucked to humain processing; it all matters to the end result.

You gotta taste Falster Clover Finished Gourmet Ground Steak to understand it." Falster Farm is recognized nation wide for their care and nurture of their holistic animal welfare. We believe Falster Farm offers the finest opportunity to buy the very finest gourmet mini cow beef and live mini cattle. Please give Nancy a call and set up a time to come by and visit Falster Farm and Mini Cattle Ranch.


Yes we Raise Gourmet Pork on Pasture Too
Falster Farm adds Gourmet Pork to Pasture Line-Up . . . Nancy G. Falster

Pastured Pigs on Falster FarmPigs on Pasture for Gourmet Pork! On Saturday 2/2/2012 we experienced the birth rate of 18 baby pigs born to one Red Waddle sow; our 1st 2103 pig litter! One thing is for certain about Falster Farm Bio- Dynamic farming is that it produces vigorous crops of all kinds of produce, and; clover finished pork is one more of them - in spades. If you are looking for gourmet pork we hve it coming along this year stronger than ever before! Just call Nancy and ask her to reserve your pork order. You might look over our finished pork of 2012 on our Farm Blog.


Mini Cows in East Texas - Falster Farm & Mini Cattle Ranch
Owner, Nancy Falster . . . 

Mini Cattle Breeder Farmer NancyHowdy, did you know when you call Falster Farm about mini cows, mini cow pets, gourmet beef cuts, pastured pork or chicken, chances are you will talk to me: Farmer Nancy. I provide live telephone support and email support, while my husband Karl fields the FAQ pages and outside operations - all to the advantage of our miniature cattle customers and prospective buyers of mini cattle.

If this is your 1st time to meet us, we are a small family full-orbed farm practicing the old methods of slow growing and slow cooking in the Nourishing Traditions style. I am a professional Personal Chief, teacher, and presenter

I'm the one who started us in the Pure Bred Miniature Hereford Cattle business: the Miniature Herefords have proven to be wonderful on our non-certified Organic farm —easy to train, a pleasure to look at; and, because of  their ease of handling and gentle temperament (a charming characteristic of the breed,) they are like big pets while retaining their usefulness as a gourmet beef animal.

Truly a great option for either the kids, grand kids, or others who just enjoy animals. 

Experience tells us that many of our customers across the nation are relatively new to bovine animal husbandry, so we offer "Farm Consultation Service." An effort from a real farmer, offering practical advice through visits to our farm as well as through seminars dealing with nuts and bolts organic and biodynamic agriculture, rather than armchair imaginations. Give me a call to set up a working appointment with Farmer Falster: 903-629-3034.

We believe the future of our nations health is only to be found in reestablishment of the sustainable farm model. To advance that belief we off a World Of Organic Farming program (WOOF) to those interested in learning basics and advanced issues need for farming success.

Yes, you can get to Falster Farm from where you are. It is best to use the directions found on our Contact page.  I hope you will see from Karl's attempt at this mini cow web site that your order for miniature cattle or Red Waddle pigs can not be too large or too small; too near or too far to receive our personal and  prompt attention.