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Perhaps the highest reason to be a part of Breed Association is to keep the over all registered herd improving from one generation to the next. This ethic isn't much to folks with cross breed cows (mongrels) unfortunately many starting out with pure bred cattle miss the point as well. These uninitiated don't realize the waste of time, effort and money by mistakenly thinking that every bull calf born out of good parents will make a quality herd sire. Make no mistake about it, there are a lot of other characteristics to consider when choosing a prospective herd sire than the fact that this is a registered bull. Or "I'll trade you my bull calf for your bull calf" with the idea that your getting different blood. No, that doesn't qualify for improving the genetics of the breed, but especially for improving the quality of your herd.


Another mistake made is going to a breed show and buying a fattened bull that wins in the ring. 99% of the time this animal is the product of artificial body/condition building. That show ring animal may prove to be  unfit for real ranch and breeding life, not by genetics necessarily, but by rearing it on fat forcing grain! When taken off that program, frequently the animal stalls in his/her rumen, can't perform in the breeding cycle, and suffers shortened longevity.


Clearly the value of a line bred herd sire is: 

his offspring are inparted with the sum of his vitality, virility, conformation and demeanor. The quality traits are predictable only when the animal is predisposed to generate them. We produce about 20 bull calves a year now with the aim of selecting ONLY those bull calves that are BETTER than their sires. Listed below are the few that have made the team, and are suitable to sustain and improve a herd of Pure Bred Miniature Cattle.


Mini Hereford Bull For Sale - KNF GENERAL STAN WATIE



Calved May 26th, 2005, he is perhaps the smallest Miniature Polled Hereford in the world. Look at the muscling and depth showing in this superb Herd Sire.  He is a proven bull, he has all the looks and attitude of a great herd bull. In 2008 we sold a large quantity of his semen to New Zealand (he is dual registered on both continents) and we have a good quantity of certified semen available for your consideration both domestic and abroad. 

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Frozen Semen Available Too                            A Real good buy at $12,000.


Call or e-mail Nancy for Details (903) 629-3034.



RD ARGYLE BARNEY Calved 6/15/02, a proven herd sire that is currently in our Rental Breeding Program. His record of female production is about 70% on a herd of Angus cows owned by the Ramsey family. He is docile and hard working. Barney has excellent conformation, small size, flat wide top line , lowline deep bodied Mini bull giving very low birth weights (30# and >).   F.O.B. Winnsboro, TX. Shipping can be arranged. When crossed with Jersey or Angus BARNEY produces vary exotic brindle mini calves - see BRINDLE BANDIT and RAMSEY'S SNOW WHITE.


A Real good buy at $2,000.


Call or e-mail Nancy for Details (903) 629-3034.




KNF TEXAS RAIDER - Calved 2/ARP/10, only 38.5" tall weighing 618 lbs. Registered with the American Hereford Association #43125166. TEX is the Top Pick bull of the 2010 class of 20 starters. We think this young herd sire would be ideal for any Miniature Cow operation. Tex will be sold as a guaranteed breeder.


Falster Farm is a Pioneer Breeder in the Organic Method of animal husbandry. Our bulls are bred and reared to "make it" anywhere with minimal inputs (expense.) They are genetically very beefy while selectively very virile and predisposed to pass their size on to any stock they are bred to. A strict selection process is involved in our offerings. ONLY bulls well muscled, flat top lines, low to the ground and very respectful of people are offered by Falster - an excellent choice for your herd.


Buy this Miniature Herd Sire at $5,000, obo.


Call or e-mail Nancy for Details (903) 629-3034.

Mini Hereford Bull for sale



KNF PRINCE RUPERT - Calved 1feb10 35.5" tall, 670 lbs exceptionally well balanced being like TEX heavy in the hams. He has exhibited great strength in playing with his fellows, and calf bulling around. He was ranked #2 in our 2010 mini bull calf class. He exhibits all the necessary characteristics of a #1, he was just not as friendly as was his class mate. However, from a growth prospective he was much stronger and I believe no better herd sire for beef production can be found. He is a brother of KNF GENERAL STAN WATIE (although he is horned.) very virile and lots of drive.


Buy this Miniature Herd Sire at $5,000, obo.


Call or e-mail Nancy for Details (903) 629-3034.



KNF SIR TRISTAN (Polled) P43026559   This is our 1st Mini Bull calf that is polled instead of horned: Mini Polled Hereford Bull Calved 4/18/2009. This young miniature herd sire prospect is the son of KNF GENERAL STAN WAITE x KNF LILLIE FAYE. At our Spring Round up 2010 he was 14 months old, standing 31" tall and weighing 440#'s. And what a beauty he is. His testicles are perfectly balanced and Tristan exhibits excellent drive and all other characteristics we require in a herd sire prospect. He is friendly and easy to be around.


If you are looking to add the POLLED GENE to your mini cattle herd, you should give this young bull a close looking over.


Sir Tristan  is for Sale as a mini herd sire prospect for $5,000, obo - guaranteed to bred.


Call or e-mail Nancy for Details (903) 629-3034.


Mini Bucking Bulls:





Calved Fall of 2010. If your looking for exotic animals, these yearling mini Bucking Bulls  stand around 30" and weigh about 200#.  We have here a couple of very nice mini Bucking Bull prospects for someone that wants to enjoy a small Bucking Bull for their children or FHA group.  BANDIT is a brindle with a very nice mask on his face. BRUNO is very nice rear end w/lots of muscle. We think you'll really like these prospective mini bucking bulls.


For Sale for $500.00 ea.

Call or e-mail Nancy for Details (903) 629-3034.


SOLD 7-15-11

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