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This page contains a description of the Herd Sire KNF CIBOLO ...Miniature Bull KNF CIBOLO in East Texas, Dallas, Tyler, Shreveport

Key Benefits

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Description & Pedigree:

45" tall at the hip, roughly 1170lbs calved March 6th, 2003, this young herd bull has the best genetically instilled disposition we have ever experienced. More than one visitor has hopped on his back for a short walk around the pasture! He is an outstanding working bull, when I need him for stud service, I just call his name and he comes for the halter. He knows his business and like his sire before him, he's eager to please. Frame Score 00.  His genetics can be obtained in Europe, USA and New Zealand.

Cibolo is out of the finest mama cow we have at Falster Farm. His sire, was considered by many as the best looking miniature bull in Texas. 2006 saw Cibolo's first calves on the ground. The first was a bull calf that is the spitting image of himself. Now, that's breeding, that youngster sold to Spring Branch, Texas for $5,500. He stands at stud for live cover here at Falster Farm; also, we have quality semen available to ship, or for qualified farms, he may be rented. His get are in the 30-33lbs birth weight range and of the finest quality.


His attitude is friendly, and he transfers that gene to his offspring.


This miniature Registered Hereford is the measure by which any other herd sire should be measured. For example:

  1. Look at the low-line of this bull, he is low to the ground with a broad a stance.

His bone structure is outstanding, adequate to carry his 1100lbs but not too much to ruin his beef to bone ratio!

Look at the dept of that back, a table top of tender English beef.

Viral, look at that neck and curly forehead!

Wow, what a creature.










(Joe & Lydia Garrisi of Nashville, TN with KNF CIBOLO.)




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